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Straight to Eternity: Onoma Series Prequel Novella

Prequel - Onoma Series

ISBN: 9781733433396

About This Book

Neil Elder punishes Life Therapist, Christina Straight, for withholding patient information by sending her to the Colonies to serve six months in a women’s prison. However, she soon discovers that her punishment becomes a pathway to discovering valuable intelligence and a renewed purpose. At the young age of seventeen, Jonah Goodmen lost everything. Still, with the help of a dying man, he and Christina Straight work together to accomplish a plan that sets a foundation for future strategies of resistance to worldwide exploitation and corruption. Will Jonah have time to become a man who will stand with a group of chosen comrades against a World Government bent on control?


2023 Feathered Quill Book Award Second Place Winner for Science Fiction
Second Place Winner for Audiobook in the 2023 CIPA EVVY Book Awards narrated by Trista Shaye
2022 Best Indie Book Award Winner for Christian Novella
2022 Page Turner Award Writing Finalist Novella