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Our 6 His 7: Transformed by Sabbath Rest

ISBN: 0692381171

About This Book

God did not create us to continually feel defeated. He does not want us worn out by human striving, frustrated with the fact that—no matter what we do—we can’t measure up. The truth is that we will never be good enough to meet God’s perfect standard on our own, but the Finished Work of Jesus Christ transforms our lives, our efforts and our relationships into pleasing offerings to God! As we enter into God’s Promised Rest, we find freedom to give God our best, knowing that He will do the rest! Once we truly understand the redemptive power of Jesus’ atoning blood unleashed on this earth, we can finally step into God’s amazing Sabbath Rest.


Third Place Winner for the Enduring Light in Christian Thought for the 2021 Illumination Book Awards.
2020 IAN Book of the Year Award-winning finalist for Religions/Christian Non-Fiction.